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What started out as a hobby/obsession by a true “motorhead” has turned into a full service machine shop and custom engine building business. Boyd’s Motorworks has been building engines for all forms of motor sports from circle track to drag racing, powerboats and truck pulling since 1993. They had a full compliment of machines to start and over the years have upgraded and added to them to keep up with current technologies. After several years in business it basically became a necessity to have an engine dyno, and that’s where the DTS Powermark dyno came in. Now they were able to offer the engine building process full circle, testing and tuning the engine to ensure everything is set correctly before the customer installs it. In the fall of 2006, having out grown the original facility, they had a new building put up and moved to the new location, effectively doubling their size.



Keeping the customer involved in their project, getting input from them, is key to making sure the end product meets their expectations. A lot of people come in and are not exactly sure what they need to get an engine that performs the way they want. We try to steer them in the right direction and get the optimum performance for them on the dyno.


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Boyd's Motorworks
224 Elmwood Ave. Ext.
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