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Tear Down and Cleaning:

Unless they start with all new components a lot of projects begin their new life from a "tired" engine requiring disassembly and cleaning of reusable parts - block, crank, rods.

A thorough cleaning is crucial and for this we use a bake and blast system. This gets cast iron heads and blocks looking like new and makes sure hidden oil passages are clean

We also get calls from people having problems with an engine they have, and this is when careful inspection of parts during disassembly is very important in determining what the problem may be.

Assembly Room:

Once the required machining is complete all the engine components are given a final cleaning and moved to the assembly room. Here, an engine may go through several "pre-assemblies" checking bearing clearances, piston to valve clearance, and other application specific tolerances before final assembly takes place.

Machining Room:

Here is where all the machining operations are done.

Block work:

line boring and honing - original or new main caps installed
boring and honing - using torque plates for high performance applications
decking - equalizing decks
installing lifter sleeves
installing o-rings
installing cylinder sleeves
sonic testing
clearance for stroker appplication

Head work:

angle milling for compression - intake face corrected
valve guides replaced
hardened seats installed
competition valve job - multi angle

rotating assemblies balanced - internal and external (including flywheel and balancer)
rods reconditioned

Dyno Area/Room


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